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Why it pays to master one social media platform at a time

26 Apr

One of the questions I get A LOT is “how are we going to manage promoting our objectives on all of these platforms on top of our regular workload?” The answer is that unless you plan to hire a social media content manager whose full time job is to gather information from all of your departments and weave it together into a cohesive social media communication strategy, you probably can’t (unless you have superpowers). There are many, many social media platforms, and the number just keeps growing. One of the biggest mistakes that a business or organization can make is to attempt to establish a social media presence across more platforms than it can handle. Here are some recommendations for establishing a successful social media presence, and then using success on one platform to fuel success on other platforms (slowly) over time:

1. Choose ONE or TWO platforms to kick off your social media strategy. Which two will depend on what what you are trying to accomplish by establishing a social media presence AND what your product or service is (and who your target audience is). If your target audience is women and/or children, you might want to start with Pinterest. If one of your goals is to improve customer service, dedicating some quality time to responding to customers on your Twitter feed would be a good move. If you have a rich supply of fantastic photographs or videos, Facebook might be your ticket. Once you have chosen one or two platforms, dedicate some quality time and energy to learning what to share, when to share it and how to share it to create GREAT engagement. In essence — become a master at engagement on your platform of choice.

2. Once you have great engagement on a platform your audience will grow quickly– you will not have to go looking for them. People will come to you because you have entertaining, helpful, quality content that people want in their news feed.

3. Once you have a great audience that is not just large in numbers, but also in engagement, THEN consider expanding onto a new platform. With so much integration between platforms, one tactic that works well is to draw the attention of your current followers on one platform to the fact that you now have a presence on another platform that they may also be on. If they like what they are seeing on the platform they are already engaging with you on, they are going to be far more likely to want to engage with you on another platform.

4. Social media should be a tool that facilitates engagement, not something that overwhelms your communications team. Start small and build up to where you want to be slowly.

Social media is completely revolutionizing how companies and organizations interact and collaborate internally, and communicate with customers and clients externally. Over time, and with experience, your team may find that certain strategies on social media actually replace promotional or customer service activities that were taking up a lot of time and were not as effective at connecting with your target audience. Integrating social media into your marketing efforts requires a complete shift in understanding and strategy. Start slowly, empower your team to build their social presence gradually, and success will be yours!